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Our costing department works with our customers, R&D, engineering, and supply chain to provide product cost estimates that are utilized to optimize product features and functionality at the targeted MSRP.



Research and Development

Mechanical Engineering

•Plastics Design

•Sheet Metal Design

•Mechanism Design

•Animatronic Integration

•Electro-Mechanical Design

Electrical Engineering

•PCB Design

•RF Technologies

•Wifi / Bluetooth, 2.4GHz

•Sensor Technologies

•Power Control

•Software Integration

Engineering and Design Center

140,000 Square Feet Facility



•Model Shop




The Heart of the Product


Early Light's Engineering Department is involved in every stage of bringing its

customers' visions to life, from initial development to mass production.


Dedicated teams of engineers, utilizing the latest computer aided design tools along with high-speed machining and rapid prototyping equipment to turn conceptual designs into deliverable products.




•Safety and Compliance

•EMC / FCC Compliance

•PCB Design

•Circuit Design and Schematic

•Industrial Engineering Transition

•Software Integration

•Electronic Function of New Product  Evaluation & Development




•Safety and Compliance

•3D CAD and Drawings

•Mechanism Design

•Animatronic Integration

•Electro-Mechanical Design

•Mechanical Design & Development


Quality Management

Our quality systems meet the highest standards. In order to assure all products for consumers are safe and conformed to customers and international standards & regulations, we develop and manufacture the products through a Total Quality Management approach. Comprehensive participation, measure, evaluation, testing, inspection, quality and process improvement are strictly implemented at all stages from design to delivery.


Model Shop

Skilled and experienced model makers with state-of-the-art prototyping machines.





Model Shop

Model Shop Services


•SLA and FDM Rapid Prototyping

•CNC Machining

•Silicone Rubber Mold Building

•Urethane Part Duplication

•Painting and Decoration

•Sculpting, Artwork and Assembly

Lean and Automation

Mattel Six Sigma Training Program

Ball State University, Six Sigma Program

•6 Black Belts

•183 Green Belts

Automation Projects

•Automatic Spraying

•6-10 color Tampo Machines

•Multi Screw Machines

•Paper Folding

•Auto Rotary Spraying

•Auto Hair Rooting


Manufacturing / Industrial Engineering

A strong team of experienced engineers to support manufacturing and production in wide aspects, from automation development to manufacturing process improvement and control.


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