Paint Manufacturing

•Grinding / Refining


•Grounded Storage

•Color Matching



Plastic Pigment

Plastic Coloring


•Weighing Pigment

•Dry Powder Storage

•Color Matching



Vacuum Forming

•Blister Packaging

•Vacuum Forming Machine


Film Blowmolding Plastic Bags

Film Blowmolding plastic bags


•Blowmolding Machine

•Blowmolded Bags



Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing

•Paper Stock

•Corrugated Cardboard

•Cardboard Carton Forming and Printing



Injection Mold Fabrication

Highly skilled and experienced workers build 3000 injection and die-cast molds a year with computerized mold making equipment.

Mold Making Services

•Computerized Tool Layout

•Mold Design

•Injection Tool Build

•Die–Cast Tool Build

•3D Optical Scanning