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About us

Early Light is one of the world's leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) of toys and consumer products. For over 30 years, our company has crafted products that stimulate the imagination of both adults and children of all ages, from simple moulded figurines to highly sophisticated electronic robots. We serve a variety of prominent global clients, some of whom with we have shared working relationships since our founding in Hong Kong in 1972.


Our technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Shaoguan cover an area of approximately 25 million square feet, with the capacity to accommodate over 350 assembly lines and 20,000 skilled workers at its peak. For better management and efficiency, we are vertically integrated to incorporate manufacturing-related services such as prototyping models and tool making.


The drive to innovate new, emotionally-fulfilling products prompted us to establish our Research and Development Department, which today hires more than 500 talents from around the world, each working to bring our clients' ideas alive. Our commitment to quality and product safety is backed by ISO9001:2015 certification. As part of ongoing efforts to ensure that the welfare of our employees is maintained at a high and fair standard, our factories are managed in compliance with the CARE process of the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI). Early Light endeavours to invest in the communities it works in, by contributing to local relief funds during times of crisis and research and social development foundations for the ongoing benefit of society.


Mission, Vision & Values

As standards of living across the globe rise, newer generations of more sophisticated consumers will continue to demand high-quality toys that are fun, educational and safe to play with. Early Light seeks to become the most sought-after provider of one-stop product development services in the world. It strives to provide its clients and their customers with exciting and emotionally-satisfying toys and consumer products, showcasing an increased use of new technological and educational elements.


We are dedicated to providing comprehensive turnkey project development and manufacturing services that satisfy our customers' demands for high quality and cost effective products. Our talented and competent researchers and manufacturing staff are continuously innovating new products that exceed our clients' expectations.


We believe the world will continuously demand for high quality consumer products and toys that are fun, stylish and safe. Early Light aims to become one of the most sought after providers of one-stop product development services in the world to fuel consumers' desires for quality living.


Our corporation's values define what we, as an organization, have set out to achieve and how we intend to achieve our business goals. They are the heart of our business and define our path to continued commercial success.


Compassion-Stay aware of the needs of our customers and act to meet those needs whenever possible. Always perform in ways that are consistent with our commitment to social responsibility.


Competitive advantage- Aim to enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition by providing them with best-in-class solutions, customer services and products.


Honesty-We will not release any false information to our customers, nor will we deliberately mislead them. We will strive to openly and freely share information with them, as is appropriate to the relationship.


Integrity-Continuously live up to Early Light's business ethics, even when confronted by personal, professional, economic and social pressure.


Performance-Develop plans that deliver better products and continually strive for personal and professional development and success.


Privacy-Always treat customer's ideas and designs as their valuable assets and go to great lengths to keeping them undisclosed to irrelevant individuals.


Letter from the Chairman

One of the common misconceptions about the manufacturing business is that success is measured in the number of products that are created each year. In fact, the true essence of our success is not about quantity. It is actually the ability to address our customer's needs as well as to evolve and grow in sync with them.  


Since Early Light Industrial Co. Ltd. was founded in 1972, we have helped bring ideas to life by manufacturing a variety of toys and consumer products for customers around the world. As we understand that "our customers' success is our success," we have dedicated ourselves to better serving our customers with innovative products, on-time deliveries and competitive pricing.


The past few years have been very exciting for us. Everyone at Early Light has worked hard to face a wide range of new challenges, such as the development of high technology toys and the rapid expansion of the enterprise. With the help of our sophisticated management team and our determined staff, we were successful in overcoming all these hurdles. For this, I would like to once again thank each of our employees for their passion and dedication to the company.      


However, even though we have been very successful, we should not confine ourselves to pride over our past achievements. The desire for better products grows stronger each day, and we should always seek greater challenges and breakthroughs to reach for. I am confident that with our determination and expertise, Early Light Industries Co. Ltd. will continue to grow as we strive to become the worldwide leader in manufacturing toys and consumer products.


Yours sincerely,
Dr. Francis Choi, GBS, JP


The history of Early Light spans over four decades, from our humble beginnings in Kwan Tong in 1972 to our evolution as one of the world's leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) of toys and consumer products today. Here are some of the major milestones in our development over the years.



- Early Light Industrial Co was established in Hong Kong as a manufacturer of toys. Our first factory was located in the Kwan Tong industrial area.


-The Xinnán factory in Shenzhen was established, with a total of 500 employees.


-Xinnán factory was expanded with employees increasing to 5,000.


-The Woha factory in Shenzhen was established, covering a total area of 0.8 million square feet with 10,000 total employees.


-The Renwu factory in Shenzhen was established, covering a total area of 1.2 million square feet with 12,000 total employees.


-Shanha factory in Shenzhen was established, covering a total 1999-area of 2.5 million square feet with 10,000 total employees.

Early Light Industrial Co was awarded ISO9001:2000 certification.


-The Shaoguan factory was established, occupying 20 million square feet with a total of 8,000 employees.


-Further expansion in China, Early Light had grown to become one of the largest toys manufactures in the world. The total factory area of Early Light in China reached 20 million square feet with over 40,000 employees during peak production periods.


-All plants awarded ISO9001:2008 certification.


- All plants awarded ISO9001:2015 certification


Guinness record

The largest parade of electric scooters involved 995 participants and was achieved by Early Light International (Holdings) Limited (China), in Shaoguan, Guangdong, China, on 7 November 2016.

The distance of the parade was 5.27 km. There were 997 participants who took part in the event, but two of them dropped out during the attempt. They achieved the challenge at their 2nd attempt.

The record was attempted as part of a staff engagement event. Most of their staff ride scooters to work, with around 2,500 electric scooters in their factory.



We blend innovation and technology to offer our clients all the advantages of a one-stop production development facility. To consistently provide efficient and reliable vertically-integrated manufacturing services to our customers, our factories are furnished with the most advanced high-precision machinery and equipment available.


We have the capability to provide our customers with efficient and reliable vertically-integrated manufacturing services, including prototyping and tool-making. Both our factories are located within easy reach of major container ports to facilitate timely deliveries.


Early Light offers its customers the advantage of 25 million square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to fulfill all their production needs. Located in Shenzhen and Shaoguan, our factories are able to accommodate over 350 assembly lines and up to 20,000 skilled workers at a single time.

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